Scientists and Doctors experiment on more than willing subjects to see how many orgasms and at what intensity they can be applied. Symbian machines buzz and vibrate to breaking point as the fuck hungry girls refuse to turn them off. Some of the medics and whizz kids get the chance to fuck their patients too.

Health Check Downstairs

This girl gets a clean bill of health from her doctor as she demonstrates all holes are functioning as nature intended whilst orgasming multiple times.

Young Woman Finds New Best Friend

Who needs diamonds when you can ride these machines every day? This girl just wants more and more and more.

Out Come The Big Guns

Pulsating vibrating pummelling sybian sex machine brings this woman off over and over again.

Contorted face in extreme orgasm

Appliance Of Science

How many instruments of pussy pleasure can this woman handle? The good doctor throws everything he's got at her, and all in the name of science.

Medical Assistant Helps Experimentation

Just when the symbian machine is pumping fast and rhythmically the assistant joins in to ensure a full force orgasm.

Welcome To The Machine

Doctor imtroduces looker to the joys of sex, multiple times. Beautifully sweet body is racked with orgasm after orgasm as the power is turned up.


It's Hammer Time

This girl's day just got immeasurably better when she went to her appointment at te clinic. Now she can't keep away from the place.


Dumb blonde falls for the medical check up line then exposes her enormous boobs to a series of shuddering orgasms.

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